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The latest property trend for 2022, his and hers studies or full home office for 4+ people is becoming the ‘must have’ property accessory for 2022

With the pandemic quickly closing in on Australia and many businesses already adapting to the new world order, a single study, or work from the dining room table solution just won’t cut it anymore.

2022 is the year buyers will get their power back in most markets – coming as a huge relief for buyers that had it tough throughout 2021/

According to Anna Porter, Suburbanite Principal, Valuer and Author, we have seen a shift in working from home and blended working environments over the past 2 years.

But now, more than ever, the Australian workforce and businesses alike are seeing the benefits to this changed structure – a structure her own offices have even adopted.

“Working from home allows employees to be more productive, have less travel time which can be upwards of 3 hours a day in Sydney, beat the peak hour and not have to pay for expensive CBD parking,” she shares.

“It also allows businesses to save costs on expensive CBD real estate and downsize their footprint,”

“Many businesses are now opting for a smaller headquarters that exists only to facilitate collaborative work days or events, training and client meetings, as opposed to housing their whole workforce 9-5.”

So what does this mean now for the average home owner that has not set their house up to be the home and the office?

Porter suggests it means looking for new and innovative solutions to get the most out of your square meters and add more working from home spaces.

“In 2022, a single desk in the back of a family room won’t cut it anymore,” she warns.

“Working from the dining table may have been a great band aid solution while you juggled home schooling and the mandatory lockdowns but for a longer term working solution it is critical to have a great space that you can thrive, be creative and really enjoy being in.”

Porter shares her top tips for buyers.

“When selecting a property to purchase or build, you should consider if you can incorporate a his and hers home office in to the floor plan,” she suggests.

“Look at things like roof space or attic space and consult a builder.”

Ask yourself, can a basement or under house area be converted, maybe a garage or oversized family room?

If these aren’t options there are some great back yard pods you can put in if you have the yard space.

“For as little as $10,000-$20,000 depending on size, quality of fit out and location, you can get a full home office in your yard and in some areas this can add an additional $50-$100 per week to the rent if it is an investment property,” reveals Porter.

“Compared to a $100,000 granny flat, this can be a fantastic return on investment with it showing as much as a 25% return on your investment annually.”