Anna Porter is an authority on the property market and investment strategies. She has visibility on the market across the country and shares her insights with Sky News, Australian Financial Review, Real Estate Talk with Kevin Turner, 2UE, 2GB and ABC radio to name a few. Here are just a few of her media features.

How to secure a rental with pets

There’s no secret it can sometimes be tricky to secure a rental property for you and your fury friends. On Monday 3rd December Anna’s Your Money segment looked into the changing laws and provided some tips. Catch up on the segment below. How to secure a rental with pets

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Property expert downplays Labor’s negative gearing attack

As seen in Smart Property Investment, Anna Porter downplays Labor’s negative gearing attack. The article reads: The extent of Labor’s proposal to remove negative gearing on new property is described by Anna Porter, property commentator, valuer and CEO of Suburbanite to be impacting 26 per cent of the property market, as this portion consists of […]

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Is my home a development site?

Some Australians could be quite literally living on top of a bank… Some sites are very profitable and some are a financial disaster waiting to happen if you don’t crunch the numbers correctly. Anna walks you through what to know and what to watch out for in the world of small-scale development. The segment on […]

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