Anna Porter is an authority on the property market and investment strategies. She has visibility on the market across the country and shares her insights with Sky News, Australian Financial Review, Real Estate Talk with Kevin Turner, 2UE, 2GB and ABC radio to name a few. Here are just a few of her media features.

Which side of the fence are you on? Growth or returns?

Picking a side of the property investing fence is often challenging even for seasoned investors. Anna Porter, property economist and principal of Suburbanite, says there are two different ways to invest, being trying to achieve a higher growth or a higher revenue return. “The fact of the matter is there’s not many properties out there that do both. A lot of people […]

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Asset 360 Report – September 2019

The Asset 360 Report takes Clubs, Not for Profits (NFP’s) and broad portfolio investors behind the property market. The September Edition is titled: Renewing Dead Assets: How to repurpose, revitalise and avoid the risk of having under-performing assets. Access the report here: Asset 360 Report – September 2019

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