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Suburbanite Asset Advisory takes a holistic view of property strategy advice.

We can consult on a range of suitable options whilst remaining sympathetic to the level of risk with which a board is comfortable in taking, and ensuring the property strategy aligns with business goals and outcomes.

Services Overview

  • Review of property portfolio to identify gaps and opportunities
  • 3-5 year strategy across the organisations portfolio
  • Project strategy & milestone management
  • Due diligence and risk management for major projects & JV’s
  • Undertake options assessments for properties not being utilised to their full potential
  • Provide advice for future acquisition or disposal of property assets
  • Managing key milestones for redevelopment or renewal of assets
  • Diversifying the organisations revenue via property related activities
  • Alignment of property with funding models
  • help developers and organisations break into the retirement living and aged care sector

Our asset advisory services range from a single portfolio review & project advisory, through to partnering with clubs, NFP’s & broad asset holders through a major redevelopment or acquisition program. We tailor the solution to suit each clients needs. At the core of the advice, we are here to help organisational investors get the most out of the property assets, and make robust property decisions. We provide advice,  guidance & analysis to step them through each milestone

Anna Porter, director

Detailed Solutions

Portfolio Reviews

We work with clients to review and unpack smaller portfolios, right up to large 300+ portfolios with a range of residential, commercial, industrial, retail and development assets. This services is aimed to facilitate decision making around acquisition, disposal, cash flow management and ensure each asset is being utilised at its highest and best use.

Major Projects & JV’s

Suburbanite Asset Advisory have worked on many major projects for organisational investors such as clubs, NFP’s and Showgrounds, from smaller F&B precincts to $170 Mil mixed use projects. Suburbanite’s role included developing the strategy and reviewing various options for the site, tailoring this to the organisations vision and operational capabilities, undertaking an EOI process to market, engaging with JV partners for the project, negotiate the commercial terms of the deal for the client (land owner), identify and mitigate risk for the client.

Options Assessments

This is a common starting point for many of out clients who already own property asset and are just not sure what to do with them, or how to ensure they are delivering the strongest returns. When we work with clubs in particular, the board often knows they can be doing more with the assets but are unsure of where to begin the journey. An options assessment is the best place to start. Whilst town planners can provide all the ‘allowed uses’ for a site, it is important to know what will be financially viable, what the market wants, the uses that will offer the highest returns and most importantly – what is aligned to your business and organisational goals.  

Project Strategy & Milestone Management

Many of our client are traditionally not developers, but find themselves embarking on a major project to redevelop their under-utilised assets to increase their ROI or diversify their revenue. When this happens we work with the board and CEO to develop and manage the project strategy and key milestones of the project, end to end. This effectively gives them their own property partner throughout the entire project, from concept to completion. We provide advisory and execution of strategy, risk metric, prevent & solve problems, coordinate consultants, time frames, budgets, market analysis, end user experience and all other facets of the project lifespan.

Market Analysis

All property decisions need to be made in context with the market conditions. Delivering high quality and well researched advice to the board is a critical decision making tool and needs to be undertaken by experts in market analysis. Suburbanite Asset Advisory have formal qualifications and backgrounds in property valuation and land economics, with national market visibility, to bring the highest level market research and solutions to our clients.

NDIS & SDA Due Diligence

Suburbanite work with a number of providers in the NDIS sector to help them manage their SDA housing requirements. Many NDIS providers are looking to partner with builders and developers to roll out more housing solutions under the new SDA model, but in many cases this exposes the provider (our client) to building and development risk. We work with the client to identify risks, undertake robust due diligence on potential partners including solvency, past project and defects, commercial risk of the structure of the deal, reputational risk and community harmony. This allows the board to have comfort in who they are partnering with and avoid partnering with the wrong developer/builders.

Independent Advice & Integrity

All of our advisors are qualified property valuers with extensive industry experience. We do not have a construction arm, development division or sales team, so our advice is never self serving to pick up a construction project or sales opportunity. We are independent and always maintain a high level of integrity and never take on projects or clients where a conflict of interest could arise.

How to work with us

We like to start with a phone call and a meeting to ensure that we are the right fit for your needs. From there we can set up a strategy session and walk you through our process, investment philosophy and price points.