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Which state holds the best opportunity in 2017

As property valuers and economists, we take a critical look at each state and scrutinise the numbers, the drivers and the data. We then delve deeper into property markets within them and we do this over and over at HQ. This is just part of our DNA, wanting to know which markets are set to perform and which ones are a disaster waiting to happen.

We then couple that with on the ground and real time time knowledge to know exactly the right market for our various clients, based on their needs and budgets and which ones all investors should avoid. 

At suburbanite we are always on the look out for key drivers like migration, employment and affordability. When you put these things together this can be the perfect recipe base for a good growth market. You then need to add a handful of other ingredients to get the real out-performers.

On Anna’s recent tour with Mark Bouris, she shared some key insights onto the market that she feels has all the right ingredients at the moment to be a solid performer for our clients. She even feels so strongly about it that she is buying a property in this location herself at the moment. 

Check out the video on her insights from the stage in Melbourne.