Valuation is a very technical skill and whilst there are many very good valuers out there, some key pieces of information can be missed or errors made during the research and analysis process, as there are a lot of variables that need to be considered for all valuations.

The review process for a mortgage valuation is as follows:

Step 1

Your broker or banker will advise the lender they wish to dispute the valuation and request a copy of the valuation, or the sales evidence used in the report.

Step 2

Our team of API qualified valuers will review the report/evidence and advise if there is scope to launch a dispute. We will only take this step if there are shortcomings with the report, analysis or evidence relied upon in the valuation.

Step 3

We provide a dispute report and letter to the lender for your broker or banker to provide to the lender on your behalf.

Step 4

We will work with you through the review process until an outcome is reached, either by way of a review/increase from the current valuer or instructions for a new valuer to be appointed.

When a formal dispute is launched the valuer has an obligation to review the value, or the lender to instruct a new firm to complete a new valuation if errors are found. The valuer does not have an obligation to increase the valuation if they do not feel it is valid. So we ensure that we provide compelling evidence to support the desired outcome.

Whilst we can not guarantee the outcome will result in an increased valuation, we will ensure we provide a very strong case on your behalf.