If you have a property that is not being utilised to it maximum potential we can assist you to look at the various options for the site. Whilst town planners are a critical part of understanding the potential uses of a site, they don’t assess the market and what demand there will be for the end product. We make sure the project is viable and the numbers stack up before you spend good money to bad on an array of consultants.

In our experience, many people completely miss the first step of the process and that results in a costly mistake. To get a project right, especially for first time developers we can guide you through the process end to end.

Step 1

Market feasibility & project feasibly must be assessed first. Analysing the highest and best use of the site and market demand is before embarking on costly reports and DA assessments is critical to spending your money wisely. Suburbanite are all qualified valuers and land economists and specialise in this analysis.

Step 2

Once you have a grasp of the market and development feasibility of the project, then you can work through the planning stages to get the DA & CC. We can assist you with executing this step effectively.

Step 3

Once the DA is achieved, the next step is to engage the right company for the construction of the project, or sell the property DA approved to avoid development risk. Suburbanite can help you select the right company for the build, or set you up to sell for the maximum price with our network of preferred agents.

Step 4

We will work with you through the final step in the process to ensure you get the maximum sale prices or returns on the project by helping you select the best agents for your property.

Undertaking a project for the first time can be daunting and many people don’t know their numbers well enough. We work with you through this process to get it right and make sure your property’s value is maximised and you don’t undertake a development that just isn’t viable.