CASE STUDY 1: Getting the right property funding under NDIS

We have recently consulted an NFP that owns a small block of units on the one title and are currently occupied by their clients that come under the NDIS funding model. However, the units are not aligned with the funding model as well as they could be. So a few minor changes ensured it was better aligned it with the funding model. Prior to working with Suburbanite the property was returning the organisation $180,000 pa and after we aligned it with the funding model it has doubled its return.

Increasing their revenue considerably.


CASE STUDY 2: Immediate savings through operational strategy

We recently started working with an organisation who had a property portfolio of 73 residential properties. They were a very specialist provider with tenants that have specific needs.

At the half day strategy session with the key decision makers, Anna found a gap that needed to be immediately addressed. She delved into the operational side of the property portfolio and found out that the CFO was effectively working as the property manager. It had started back when they only had a few properties in the portfolio and the CFO managed the rental payments, bills, a few maintenance items and so forth. But as the portfolio grew so did the work load for the CFO. They had interviewed a few local property managers to take it over but given the specialist nature of the tenants and the funding around the portfolio none of the local property managers could provide a suitable solution.

This was costing the organisation a lot of money in wages for the CFO, time, stress and it was clear to Anna that they were not compliant with the relevant regulations and legislation, which was putting the organisation at risk.

Anna brought in her specialist asset management team that could work through a tailored solution for this organisation, and found a way to lift the workload off the CFO’s shoulders and outsource to a team that have specialist expertise, and the infrastructure to manage it for a competitive price.

On a cost analysis of the CFO’s salary and time input it saved the organisation over $90,000 per annum, as well as the stress and risk associated with portfolio management.