Have you been thinking about investing but aren’t sure where to begin? You know you need to get your money working for you, but are feeling stuck or are just too time poor to take your portfolio to the next level.

Perhaps you are simply trying to get onto the property ladder and are feeling priced out.

We meet so many people that want to invest, but are scared they will make a costly mistake, are too time poor to do all the research to get it right, or they just don’t know which markets are best positioned for strong growth.

Working with professionals like us will take away the stress, save you time and ensure you achieve your investment goals sooner.


How we help you

We focus on good value buying, identifying growth & rental demand areas, solid research, and making sure you avoid costly mistakes.

“We take care of the investment process end to end so that you can build wealth through property, even if you are not a property expert” – Anna Porter.

Who we work with

We work with Mum and Dad investors throughout the country, first time investors, SMSF, time poor executives, savvy investors wanting to take their portfolio to the next level, first home buyers trying to get on the property ladder, and busy business owners that want to use property as a vehicle to reduce tax whilst building wealth for their future.

Our proven system will ensure you get a property that performs.

Our Difference – Independent Advice

Some firms source investment properties through developers. They are paid by the developer to sell the property. We do not work for developers in this capacity & we do not sell developer stock. Our advice is independent & is intended to look after your best interest. Our policy is that we do not give or receive kickbacks at any time.

Highly Qualified Experts

All of our advisors are qualified property valuers with extensive industry experience. Many property investment advisors are self proclaimed ‘experts’ that have only completed a 3 day online course to become ‘qualified’ to advise on your biggest asset. At Suburbanite our team have degree level qualifications, some with their masters degree and are arguably the most experienced property investment advisors in the country.