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SPOTLIGHT ON SNOW PROPERTIES At Suburbanite we typically look at bread and butter style investment properties, the ones that are safe as houses – excuse the pun. This makes the most financial sense for our mum and dad investors. But, lets jump out of the box for a moment and take a look at some […]

Million Dollar Property Mistake

Why property selection is critical, even in a rising market. At Suburbanite we work closely with real estate agents across the country when sourcing high quality investment properties for our clients. The normal channels of researching advertised properties in targeted locations puts us in regular contact with the listing agents, and this relationship ensures we […]

Don’t fall into the negative growth trap

Recently while researching for my upcoming book, Whistle Blower, I decided to look into the performance of some of the key markets that many property investment firms place their customers into. Typically, these markets are heavily dominated by new builds, creating an oversupply of properties. I knew, as a valuer and property investment professional, that […]

One For One Strategy

Building a high performing portfolio with our “One For One Strategy” Building a portfolio that performs is all about getting the strategy right and aligning it with your goals. If you want to know how to have a portfolio that you can retire on, then keep reading…. To ensure that our investors have a high performing portfolios […]

Stress Test Your Investment

Purchasing a property is an exciting time but also a big decision. Whether it be your own home or an investment, it is something that most people only do a few times in their lifetime. Before you take the plunge, it is paramount that you weigh up both the benefits and the risks involved. In […]