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24 Suburbs Investors MUST AVOID

The media constantly declares certain suburbs as hotspots for investors and often fails to acknowledge that this is not always the case. The Suburbanite negative growth report will EXPOSE the areas that must be avoided by investors. Suburbanite founder and director, Anna Porter, says the report is produced annually to aid investors in avoiding negative […]

Top 10 Locations Benefitting from Infrastructure

Property Commentator Anna Porter gives her opinion on the ten residential real estate markets in Australia likely to benefit from infrastructure benefit 1. Adelaide Adelaide is benefitting from multiple major investments in infrastructure, which will more than compensate for the downturn in manufacturing in recent times, The Projects AIRPORT Expansions to Adelaide airport, based on […]

2018 Market Outlook

Many property commentators won’t forecast the year ahead and discuss what and where they think you should be buying in 2018. What markets are hot? What markets are not? What should you avoid? Anna Porter, principal of Suburbanite, expert property market commentator and keynote speaker explains her opinion on the year ahead for Australian real […]

SPOTLIGHT ON: Queensland

  Whilst Queensland may have something for everyone, investors are beginning to reap the benefits. In fact, the Queensland story is just beginning. We are only just at the opening chapter of how the exciting projects will impact the market. Destination Brisbane Consortium; development of the Queen’s Wharf is already setting up the market for […]